MX Player Apk Latest Version Free Download For Android Phone/Tablets

MX Player APK Download: You want to download mx player for your phone, don’t you? Well here we have shared the mx player apk files download links, you can check the download links directly from below to start downloading mx player ASAP.

However, I recommend all of you guys and gals out there to read the full article you may find something useful out of it.

Android is just awesome since the launch it has evolved a lot, but one thing which has not changed much about Android phones is the default media player apps of all the phones out there. The default media player app of android phone is still the same old not so impressive shit.

Even the flagship phones which will come out in 2017, I think will have the same old media player apps in them. Now before you guys start ranting me for ranting the default media player app for Android, I would like to clear myself. I'm not ranting that app, all I'm doing is just pointing the flaws in the Android OS.

If you compare the old default app with something like MX Player you will understand why I'm saying like this. Unlike the other one, mx player has many excellent features, and it supports gesture feature for playing videos. Mx Player can play both audio and video files from your phone. With the latest update, it can play the mp3 files in the background when your phone is locked you can hear the songs.

Well, i will go into all of the features of MX Player for Android, but before that let me share the mx player apk download links which for you are here. You can download the latest version of mx player from below.

Download MX Player APK Android Latest Version

Download MX Player APK from the official website

Features Of MX Player

1. Clear text- you can see the subtitle of a video is clear text, it's like seeing a more clear text of subtitle text on mx player.

2. Double The Volume- Increase your phone's volume up to 200% with mx player.

3. Play Any File - MX Player lets you play any file, with solid coding skills the developers were able to create this impressive architecture that mx player can seriously play nearly all the media formats out there.

If you face some error while playing ac3 type audio files on mx player, you have to download mx player codec on your phone.

4. It's Free: Though there is a premium app called mx player pro, you can play nearly all the files using the free version. It's not recommended for you to lose your money on mx player. However, if you want, then you can purchase the mx player pro from google play.

Moreover, you can just download mx player pro apk from here.
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BlueStacks Download Latest Version 2017 For Windows & Mac

BlueStacks App Player Introduction: BlueStacks app player is a handy program designed to bridge the gap between mobile and desktops. It allows users to run Android applications on their Windows and Mac OS devices.  Developed by BlueStacks technology, this cloud-based app was released on June 27, 2012


To install the BlueStacks app on your computer, follow the following steps

  • Step 1- Go to the BlueStacks website and click the "Download" button
  • Step 2- Once the downloading process is complete; double-click the executable file to start the installation. This process will take a few minutes. (You can also directly download bluestacks from here.)
  • Step 3- There are few steps in the installation process. Click "Next" to accept the terms and conditions. 
  • Step 4- You can proceed with the default installation location or change it, based on your preference.
  • Step 5- Click Finish to run the BlueStacks app.

Now you can open your BlueStacks app and search for your favorite Android app and install it on your PC for free. BlueStacks runs best with the following enabled: Application Communication and App store access.

Also Read: How to Root BlueStacks.

Important Features 

  1. BlueStacks allows you to run most of the free Android applications on your computer.
  2. The app is free to download and use for a trial period.
  3. Minimum requirement for the app include: 2 GB or higher memory, Direct X 9.0 or higher and 4 GB space in hard drive
  4. As it uses a lot of space, BlueStacks can slow down your computer's performance.

Pros of downloading BlueStacks app

  • BlueStacks is easily the best solution for running Android applications on your computer.
  • The best feature of BlueStacks app is its cloud connectivity. This means that you can sync your Android phone to your computer and carry over apps, photos, texts, updates and much more.
  • BlueStacks make it faster and easier to access your phones with your computer remotely.
  • As it runs on both Windows and Mac operating systems, it is preferred more than similar applications which only run on any one platform. 
  • It is incredibly sleek and easy to use.
  • There are no complex commands required for running the app, and it's as simple as pointing and clicking
  • BlueStacks is great for playing Android-based games on your computer. Your games run smoothly on the app without any skip or lag.
  • Unlike other similar applications, BlueStacks allows you to run your android application smoothly in full-screen mode.
  • It provides you the ability to play 3D games.
  • It gives you the ability to obtain Root.
  • BlueStacks also works great with ADB.


In my opinion BlueStacks technology has done a great job of bridging the gap between Androids and Windows and Mac devices. It provides an easy, smooth and user-friendly way of syncing your devices and remotely operating your Android phones.  With its easy access and smooth app execution, BlueStacks is a must have application for Android and Computer users.

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